A Tully Design is a small family operation tucked away in what I like to call our creative corner in County Kildare, Ireland. I am a registered member of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) and are passionate about hand crafting a broad range of individual products that balance aesthetics and functionality.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands – making and creating things that in someway made my environment a little better either functionally or aesthetically, or both if I was really lucky.


I grew up in a house that was constantly under some kind of renovation or improvement, I guess like most kids that have skilled tradesmen or women as parents. This, combined with a natural curiosity, inevitability lead to me learning a lot about how everyday stuff works. This, in turn, guided me towards an early and practical career as a tradesman (rather than the starving artist that I really fancied) as I began my training to be an electrician after high school.

Fast forward over twenty years, and a few major career changes later, I found myself working in the corporate world creating a lot of short lived digital content and managing projects that would inevitably expire and we’d all move on. But all the while my workshop and tools were never far away and frequently in use.

A Tully Design

An atullydesign necklace Crafted for Life
One from our Bull Island Driftwood Pendant collection

Now, with half a lifetime of eclectic experiences, I have switched gears again and, combining many of the artistic and practical skills acquired over the years, I am embracing my creative passions of design and craft.

All my products contain materials that have been ethically sourced. You can be assured that no trees are felled specifically for my products. The wood I use is either recycled or has been felled for natural or necessary reasons. I work hard to ensure other materials I use are environmentally friendly and food safe.

My hope is that when you purchase an A Tully Design product, you know that you have something that is unique and has been treated with care and attention from design to delivery.

My mission with A Tully Design is to design and create beautiful, hand crafted, gifts that are both unique and functional. I want everything I make to live up to my tag line “Crafted for Life”.

I really hope you enjoy your visit here. If you like what you see, why not take a moment to browse through my store where you will find many more carefully crafted gifts from my little workshop.


If you have any queries about any of my products or processes I would really like to hear from you using the following form: