Bird feeders

An A Tully Design birdfeeder crafted for life
Guinness Bottle and Reclaimed Wood Birdfeeder

My bird feeders are made from pressure treated sustainable softwood and re-cycled original Guinness bottles. The are built to last many years and designed specifically for smaller birds.

The design and construction of these feeders were the product of a lengthy trial and error process. I wanted them them to be simple, made from the fewest parts possible to reduce the likelihood of a failure, and made from materials that will resist the forces of natures as much as possible.

Forming the various wood parts and screwing them together seemed like the easiest option but I ended up ditching the use of screws in favour of dowels and waterproof glue for the structure of these feeders – this avoided both the unsightly view of screw heads that I think interfere with the natural flow of the wood structure, and the inevitable deterioration that can be expected from metal screws.

The result is a wholesome, entirely wooden structure without any interruption of the natural flow of the wood. You could argue that the screws would only be visible from the rear, unseen when typically installed on a flat surface, but I think details matter – seen or unseen.

Rear view of a typical @atullydesign bird feeder

The only use of metal in the entire product is a weatherproof zinc coated D-hook to enable easy and quick installation on a variety of objects (fence posts, walls, poles, etc.). The D-hook also provides easy removal of the Guinness bottle by either removing the feeder from its hanging location or by pivoting the feeder 180 degrees so that the bottle drops downwards.

Once the Guinness bottle has been removed it can be filled with a variety of seeds that suit the owners local avian population. The Guinness bottle has a large capacity of 500ml (exactly 2/3 of a typical wine bottle) and, from our experience, would need to be refilled in or around once a week.

Refilling the bottle is easy. Once removed from the wooden support, turn the bottle right side up and place it on any plat surface, Then, using a small piece of rolled up paper, form a funnel and insert the narrow end into the bottle opening. Then slowly pour your choice of seeds into the bottle, occasionally shaking the bottle if the seeds stops flowing before it is filled.

There is a choice of bright colours that give your garden a pop of colour and give the feeders an extra layer of protection from the elements. I also have a range of bird feeders treated with linseed oil that give the same protection as the painted range but allow you to see the wood in its natural form.

Made from pressure treated sustainable softwood and re-cycled original Guinness bottles , these @atullydesign bird feeders are built to last, designed specifically for smaller birds and will give your garden an exciting pop of colour.