Blessington Lakes Driftwood

The Blessington Lakes Drift Wood Collection is an exciting range of colourful pendants all cut from the same piece of hardwood discovered on an isolated shore of the Blessington Lakes in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. When I found this driftwood I had no idea how it might turn out but it was very heavy and solid. After a lengthy drying and preparation process I was delighted to find the wood was incredibly hard with dense growth rings, with a beautiful red colour.

This limited collection contains pendants that are cut without any templates or measurements so you can be guaranteed that each one is absolutely unique, no-one will be wearing the same pendant as yours.

Since each pendant is cut from the same piece of wood they are a wonderful gift for groups like mothers and daughters, bridesmaids, sports teams or co-workers where you want to give something that is as unique as the individual but want to celebrate your common connections, whatever they may be.

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Showing all 10 results