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How Kintsugi helped my start in making Jewellery

Unknown to me at the time, I was practicing the ancient (15th century) Japanese art of Kintsugi where broken items are repaired with gold glue to make them more beautiful. For me it was recovering hand-turned bowls that had cracked during the long natural drying process, cracks that I felt were part of their story and should be seen, even celebrated.

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Third Best Little Market outing

Collection of Lamps and Bowls

On this outing I had a brand new addition to my collection of goodies to show, a couple of industrial style lamps with beautiful globe LED bulbs. Both had a wooden base with a back story, of course.

The smaller was made from an old bookend that was made from a quarter log of hardwood that had cracked over time – these cracks started from the pith and fanned out towards the bark, a fortuitous event that revealed itself as I filled the cracks with green resin to reveal lovely radiating pattern.

The larger lamp has a base from one of my Smithfield collection, a rare and beautiful spalted Sycamore wood rescued from near the old Jameson Distillery in Dublin City. Both lamps have a 15mm copper pipe that connects the base to the lamp holder.

I’m very excited about these lamps. It’s exciting to get back to my roots as an Electrician and to combine engineering and art with these prototypes. Both lamps attracted a lot of attention, and one is now lighting up a corner of someones lovely home… there will be many, many more to come!